Immigration South Australia

South Australia has a range of services to help migrants find work when they arrive in our state.

While state nominated skilled migrants have skills that are in demand, nomination doesn’t guarantee you a job. You must compete for work with other potential employees.

Specialist Migrant Services - provided free

Specialist Migrant Services

Get help with information and support to help you find skilled work. Specialist Migrant Services can assist you with:

  • Job search support to help you find a job.
  • Individual support for those needing more help
  • Employment preparation, including help with resume writing, understanding job advertisements, and job interview techniques.
  • Assistance with skills recognition pathways, including having an assessment of your overseas qualifications for employment.

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To contact this service call +61 (8) 8303 2450 or email

Information sessions

Once you have arrived in South Australia, please book to attend one of our free briefing sessions in Adelaide for important information on living and working in South Australia. The sessions cover important issues such as:

  • Your responsibilities as a state nominated visa holder.
  • Employment assistance – details of assistance available to help you gain employment in South Australia.
  • Pathways to permanency for provisional visa subclasses 495, 475, 487 and 489.
  • Lifestyle and work opportunities in regional South Australia.
  • Starting your own business

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Resources & Downloads

Work rights of provisional visa holders - A letter to employers
Download PDF | 94KB
Searching and preparing for a job
Watch Video | 1.25mins

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